Purpose of Map International

MAP International's mission is to promote the complete health of human being living around the world in some of the poorest of the communities. It was founded by J. Raymond Knighton with the aim of distributing medicines to needy people around the world.

MAP International fulfills its mission by providing essential medicines to its mission partners, hospitals clinics or other nonprofit organizations. It helps promote the overall development of community health. It also aims to prevent diseases and pandemics in poor countries around the world. It is the vision of the Christian non-profit organization to make a world in which communities, families and even individuals have the capacity and hope to build conditions that promote better health on par the developed countries around the world.

The organization works together with the community members to transform the living conditions, which will be helpful in promoting the emotional, physical, environmental, social, spiritual and economic well-being of the community, families or individuals. MAP seeks to improve the long term health development of communities in developing counties. It provides quick response to humanitarian emergencies in disaster struck regions around the world.

MAP International firmly stands to its Christian beliefs and maintains an affirmed dedication to equal and diverse opportunity for the success of its global mission. The services of MAP are offered to every person regardless of the person's religion, gender, ethnic background, nationality and race.

Major pharmaceutical firms believe in the mission of MAP international and donate medicines worth $250 million every year. Major contributors to the organization's cause include Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Merck and numerous other companies. More than 35 million people around the world benefit from these medicines. The organization also partners with other major non-profit organizations such as CARE, Partners in Health, Christian Aid Ministries, World Vision and International Medical Corps, in order to supply medicines to these agencies to distribute in other parts of the world.


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